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Help us reach our financial goals so that we can Maximize, Multiply, and Mobilize at Bay Hope Church and beyond.
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2022 Capital Campaign
3M. Our Mission.
Our Goal.
What you need to know

What are the 3M's?


We will maximize our current campuses (Lakeshore, Westchase, Harbor, Online) to their fullest redemptive potential to reach Tampa Bay and beyond.


We will multiply new campuses in Tampa Bay to connect all
neighborhoods to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We will mobilize in mission 30,000
disciples of Jesus Christ by 2030 for the transformation of the world. #30by30

What We've Been Up To!

For the past 3+ years we have seen God do extraordinary things in and through Bay Hope.

We have re-envisioned our facilities with an intentional focus on kids and students, our campuses have expanded into the greater Tampa Bay area from Westchase all the way to the University of South Florida (USF), and we’ve seen the power of God work through our At Risk Kids ministry locally as well as our mission partners in Cuba and Africa.

Where We're Headed

We have even greater expectations for what God will do in 2022 and beyond! With your partnership we will see stronger financial stability, greater impact through our college and future campuses, and the miraculous development of a Christian town and church in Iraq.


In 2018, we launched our Westchase campus with renovated worship center and kids' space for a fast growing Westchase community.


We increased our Lakeshore campus by 26,000 square feet for kids, students and expanded lobby.

The Harbor House

In 2021, we opened the doors to the brand new harbor house to minister to the thousands of students at the University of South Florida.

Online campus

In 2020, we built a state of the art venue for live and online broadcast for our global campus.


Your Generosity Will:

Help With Debt Reduction

Through the last several years, Bay Hope has made major investments in our existing buildings in order to connect people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and utilize our spaces to their fullest potential. We have expanded the lobby and added the coffee house, made major upgrades and additions to the children and youth spaces, upgraded the Lakeshore Sanctuary, and upgraded the outdoor spaces at our Westchase campus, all to better connect in-person guests and those attending our global online campus.

Bay Hope is committed to being wise stewards of all that God has blessed us with. With the support of our church council and financial oversight committee, we are excited to lead our church into even greater financial stability over the next two years by reducing our outstanding building debt. We will also complete necessary and impactful campus projects across our three physical campuses, including upgrading the outdoor space at The Harbor at USF, improving the landscaping at all campuses, and purchasing replacement equipment for continued maintenance of all campuses.


Your Generosity Will:


God has called us to a vision of not only maximizing our current campuses, but also to multiply new campuses of Bay Hope Church. We envision every community in Tampa Bay within a 20 minute driving distance of a campus of Bay Hope. Your giving to this 3M campaign will fuel God’s vision to bring hope to the Bay in a strategic manner. Our most recent multiplication, The Harbor at USF, will also go to the next level of impact through your generous giving to this campaign.


Your Generosity Will:


In most of Iraq, if a person converts to Christianity, they must go underground or live their faith in secret. Because of the God-ordained connection, ICM’s in-country partners have received permission to repurpose a deserted village into a Christian town. The town would be a refuge for Iraqi Christians, a place where they could worship Jesus openly and freely in the midst of one of the most anti-Christian countries in the world.


Baystar’s mission is to provide families with a child battling cancer a faith- based retreat to experience hope in faith, connect with other families facing pediatric cancer and enjoy time with their immediate family outside of a hospital setting. Through your generosity, Bay Hope will sponsor a retreat to cover the cost for families that will “help families develop a local community network for support, information, resources, shared experiences and fellowship. For many this may be the last vacation they experience together as a family.”

New Ark Van

Our first ARK van was donated to Bay Hope Church in 2008 to help with a new ministry to grieving kids and their families in the Tampa area that would become Suncoast Kids Place. This new van will continue to support the mission of all of our existing At Risk Kids ministries as well as our expansion of our Live Out Loud ministry that currently serves 16 girls foster group homes in Hillsborough County and Pinellas County.

In addition, your generosity will continue to fund our local and global mission partners as well as our At Risk Kids ministries including:

Adopt-A -School, Suncoast Kids Place, Steadfast Ministries, and Live Out Loud.

Mission Partners Supported By The 3M Campagin

Tampa Bay
A Woman's Place
Acts 29 Foccus
Amazing Love Ministries
Baystar Family Retreat
Canines For Christ
Cornerstone Family Ministries
C.S. Lewis Society
Judeo Christian Health Clinic
Meals On Wheels
Metropolitan Ministries (Pasco)
P.R.O.P. , Inc.
Tampa Muslim Outreach
West Florida Foster Care
Kairos Prison Outreach
No More Foundation
U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking
Christian Union Sports Club
Fish Co.
Jitambue In Tanzania
Loving Hands For Disadvantaged & Aged
Missionary Ventures
One Ball One Village
Operation Christmas Child
Sister Church In Guantanamo, Cuba
World Outreach Mission
Youth Unlimited: Nueva Generacion

How Can I bring hope to the bay?

make a first fruits gift

These first fruits gifts allow us to invest immediately in building a Christian City in ICM Iraq, sponsoring a BayStar Family Retreat, and securing a van to continue our ARK ministries.

determine your two year pledge

God is looking for equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. To sacrifice means to willingly give the best you have for a purpose greater than yourself. We are all asked to give to the 3M Campaign sacrificially above and beyond our regular giving to the Operations Budget. Pray that God will impress a specific amount on your heart for a one-time First Fruits Gift and your Two-Year Pledge.

Prayer Guide

The missionary Elisabeth Elliot said “Prayer lays hold of God’s plan and becomes the link between His will and its accomplishment on earth. Amazing things happen, and we are given the privilege of being channels of the Holy Spirit’s prayer.”

In the past few years, we have certainly seen God do extraordinary things in and through Bay Hope Church. God has given us a vision and mission that is so audacious that it can only be accomplished through His might and power. This is why we are asking you, our Pacesetters, to partner with us in prayer as we launch forth in this next season of ministry. As we seek to mobilize in mission 30,000 disciples of Jesus Christ by the year 2030 for the transformation of the world, we know that God partners with His church to accomplish His will. Prayer makes a difference.

Join us then, beginning February 7th as we pray for each of these individuals and ministries, for God’s wisdom, provision, empowerment & favor.
Full prayer guide

we are in this together!

God honors unity. Let’s join together and watch our goals be met and exceeded when we all do our part. You are needed!

Your partnership with us will:


Create optimal environments for our community to connect to Jesus and each other.


Prepare Bay Hope to multiply future
campuses, and continue to support next-level ministry at our most recent multiplication, The Harbor at USF.


Unleash hope to the local church and intensify relationships with local and international mission partners to connect our world to Jesus.

how can i participate?


Attend weekend services during the 3M Campaign series to learn more about what our church is doing and what God is directing us to in the future.


As you consider your involvement in this campaign, pray that God would give you guidance about what your participation will look like. If you are married, pray together with your spouse about your contribution. Also, follow along with our Prayer Guide in this booklet.


This is a two-year campaign. When you make your pledge, please consider it in terms of a two-year commitment and a one-time First Fruits Gift.


This is a two-year campaign. When you make your pledge, please consider it in terms of a two-year commitment and a one-time First Fruits Gift.

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Drop your donation in the black boxes in the back of the worship center.

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Mail check or payment from your bank to:
Bay Hope Church-3M
17030 Lakeshore Rd
Lutz, FL 33558

financial summary of 3m campaign 2022-2023

budget for expenses


• Debt Reduction
• Campus Improvements to support ongoing maintenance of our current facilities (landscaping, equipment)


• Fund The Harbor USF Campus for two years
• Fund future campuses


• ICM Iraq
• Baystar Family Retreat
• ARK Van
• Fund ARK staff and programming for 2 years
• Support mission partners and projects domestically and globally
Primary Goal For First Fruits Gifts And two year pledges

total gifts and pledges=$4,128,810

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